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"A baby fills a place in your heart
that you never knew was empty"

A Lifestyle session is where I will be genuinely documenting your lives in that very moment. They take place in the comfort of your home, where my approach is very soft and candid. With minimal use of props and posing, my goal is to photograph your newborn baby in your organic setting of home life. What does this look like? Typically, in the first few weeks of your new baby being home, it is all about cuddling, sleeping, and relaxing as much as possible. I will be a fly on the wall capturing you loving on your sweet child. These images will be nostalgic keepsakes for years to come to remember what life was like when your newborn was just days old. I will be capturing your “day in the life” memories that easily fade as the years fly by and your baby grows to be an adult.

Oh how you may wish you could have these newborn days back, but what a gift to have these photos which will bring back all those feelings and memories. 

Sessions starting at $495
Video sessions starting at $800

All products and digital portraits are purchased separately at a reveal and ordering session approximately 3 weeks after our time together capturing your most beautiful newborn moments. 


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