Meet the Artist:  Emily Esslinger

Hi! Thank you so much for visiting!  I'm an introverted extrovert, lover of dance and cake. I'm drawn to honest, fun loving people... Which is probably why I LOVE children, they are my favorite. Especially my own. I have 2 mamas boys, (well... 3 if you count my husband) who I am utterly and completely obsessed with and thank God for them everyday.

Intuitive, devoted, faithful, enthusiastic are some of the words I’d use to describe myself. I’m deeply moved by music, lyrics, anything that is passionate and genuine. I cry at every wedding, specifically during the Mother-Son dance, can’t handle the thought that I will be doing that someday with my baby boys. I am the most sensitive person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and  I use those feelings to connect on a deep level with my clients to really listen and photograph the story they are telling.

I am infatuated by light. I’m drawn to golden tones, and have always believed from a young age that sunsets were a way that God was calling me. When I first picked up a camera, shot, and uploaded to my computer, there would always be a golden aura to my photos. I couldn’t stop staring, it was like a little piece of sunset in each photo, my maker reminding me He is always with me. It was only natural to name my business Golden Aura Photography. The definition of Golden is having glowing vitality, radiant, full of happiness and prosperity, rich and smooth. The definition of Aura is a distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing, atmosphere. These definitions literally define everything about what I want to photograph. 

I want to bring light into your life, give you the gift of preserving the most precious moments in your life on film to keep and pass down generation to generation. I am at peace knowing I am doing what I was made to do, and I would be absolutely honored to photograph your love story whether it’s with your family, your babies, your partner in crime, or yourself.