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"I don't know who you'll be, but I know you'll be my everything."

A Golden Aura maternity experience is one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate how amazing the miracle of life is.  When you book your session, it will be one of the first decisions you make where it will not only have a lasting effect on you, but on your new baby. These images will increase in value as time goes on. For when your baby is older and wants to look at photos of you when you were pregnant, you will have the most timeless images filled with emotion showing your baby just how much you loved them before they were even born. They will truly feel your unconditional love while holding those moments that have been preserved for a lifetime.

Gift yourself these images, for they will become family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. 

Sessions starting at $495

All products and digital portraits are purchased separately at a reveal and ordering session approximately 3 weeks after our time together capturing your most beautiful maternity moments. 


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